9 to 5

In this ’80s classic “9 to 5”, the musical. This was a movie in which three working women live out their fantasies of getting even and overthrowing the company's sexist boss. This performance at the Depot Theater was also set in the 1980s with all the coloring, hairstyles and costumes. The performance ran from April […]

How to Eat Like a Child

(Cast: Justin Klenke as Corey, Zane Hager as George, Neftali Rodriguez as John, Skyler Clark as Ricky, Clark Burgert as Darien, Ezequiel Rodriguez as Billy, Owen Wesley as Brandon, Olivia Ramos as Arlene, Tegan Wenzl as Rachel, Korey Bond as Christy, Allison Haselhorst as Kim, Abbie Dameron as Paula, Halle Robinson as Rebecca and Arub […]

Tea for Three

This one-act play by Eric Weinberger and Elaine Bormka highlights Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon and Betty Ford in the transition years of 1968, 1974, and 1976. It was the first production that took place in the lobby. The play has both comedic and serious elements as well as heart and warmth and was especially […]

Sherlock Holmes

The play’s plot has Holmes coming out of a 6-month exile to help the King of Bohemia, who is being blackmailed by a notorious photograph. The play has several characters, most of whom are conning others. The audience has a fun time trying to solve the case along with Holmes. The show ran October 7-22, […]

A Mostly Minnesota Christmas

A Mostly Minnesota Christmas is about Bill and Abby as they prepare for Christmas in Minnesota when long-estranged relatives start showing up, leading to some irreconcilable differences and dysfunction. The play was written by Brian Mitchell and is directed by Doug Austen, at the Depot Theater. It's a comedy with themes of reconciliation and redemption. […]

Nana’s Naughty Knickers

Bridget and her grandmother are about to become roommates. However, what Bridget saw as a unique opportunity to stay with her favorite Nana in New York quickly turns into an experience she’ll never forget. It seems her sweet grandma is running an illegal boutique from her apartment, selling hand-made naughty knickers to every senior citizen […]

Urinetown: The Musical

In a Gotham-like city, a terrible water shortage, caused by a 20-year drought, has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets. The citizens must use public amenities, regulated by a single malevolent company that profits by charging admission for the most basic of needs. Until a hero plans a revolution. The play ran in […]

Beauty and the Beast

An all-area high school production directed by John Stuff and adapted from Walt Disney Pictures’ Academy Award-winning 1991 animated musical film, Beauty and the Beast. The play tells the story of a cold-hearted prince who has been magically transformed into an unsightly creature as punishment for his selfish ways. To revert back into his true […]

Miss Nelson is Missing

Youth Production Directed by Sheri Tieben. Miss Nelson can’t control her crazy classroom because she’s just too nice. But when she disappears, her replacement is the hard-as-nails, detention-loving, recess-canceling, homework-overloading substitute teacher Viola Swamp! With the Big Test approaching, the kids suddenly realize how much they miss Miss Nelson and they’ll do anything — including […]

Dearly Departed

Directed by John Stuff In the Baptist backwoods of the Bible Belt, the beleaguered Turpin family proves that living and dying in the South are seldom tidy and always hilarious. Despite their earnest efforts to pull themselves together for their father's funeral, the Turpin's other problems keep overshadowing the solemn occasion. Amidst the chaos, the […]


Directed by John Stuff When a couple “regifts” a not-so-great Christmas present, then finds out it’s worth a fortune, they will stop at nothing to get it back. But they’re not the only ones who rewrapped it… In the mad pursuit to reclaim the gift, everyone who gave it away learns about friendship, real wealth, […]

Love Letters

Love Letters in Dodge City starred Doug Wilson and Hildi Santo Tomas from the hit show Trading Spaces.The story of Andrew Make-peace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner, two young people from similar backgrounds who take very different paths in life. Despite leading lives which should not intersect, they can’t let go of each other throughout […]