Mike Salem

Vice President
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Born and raised in Dodge City, I attended both private and public schools growing up as well as attended Dodge City Community College. I am co-owner of K. Martin Jeweler where I have had both the opportunity and the priveiege of helping people smile since 1997. I have been certified by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) as a coach for youth sports, a youth leader and volunteer for various organizations as well as being a volunteer for adult and community entities in our area over the last 27 years. I enjoy helping our youth and adults whenever possible.

My wife Nikki and I have attended the theater for more than 20 years and during that time, she convinced me to join the show Cinderella in 2010 along with her and our children. From that time on, I have volunteered behind the scenes or in the kitchen.

Our children love the arts and have been involved in the Depot Theater for many year as well. Dodge City is known for its history, nostalgia and the Theater, not only in Kansas, but also around the world. I would like to see that love of the arts and history continue and grow through the Depot Theater in our home town of Dodge City and throughout the region.